About Gaspari

We are proud to introduce you to the new version of Gaspari.

Gaspari Montréal: For the past 25 years, Dino Gaspari has never stopped to reinvent itself through its products and its relationship with its customer. This year we have decided to go a step further to introduce you to the new version of Dino Gaspari. Dino Gaspari is now Gaspari represented by the new minimalistic diamond logo, which stands for Quality, Tradition and elegance.

As part of this new era in the Gaspari history we also wanted our customers to be able to discover and shop our products online so we are proud to introduce you to our new Gaspari online store. It’s the beginning of a new adventure and we hope you are as excited as we do.

GIsele Paul
CEO / CO-Founder

Graduate in business administration, Gisele is the business mind behind Gaspari. She believes that the key of success is customer satisfaction.

Co-Owner of Gaspari since 25 years

Dean Kantakias
Furrier / Co-founder

Second generation furrier, with 35 years of experience, Dean puts a great pride in using traditional methods to give life to its creations.

Co-founder of Gaspari since 25 years.

maryse roy

More than 25 years of experience. Recognized for its collections of coats and “Prêt à porter”.

Now for Gaspari Montreal, Maryse gives new life to the cape and coat collection as well as “Prêt à porter”, with an emphasis on how to make its collections more versatile using fur accessories.